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Northwestern Accepted Into Davis UWC Scholars Program

September 26, 2006

EVANSTON, Ill. --- The Davis United World College (UWC) Scholars Program, an initiative that awards grants to graduates of United World Colleges to pursue their undergraduate education in the United States, has named Northwestern University as a recipient institution. Northwestern joins 65 other colleges and universities across the nation including Cornell University, Middlebury College and Princeton University.

Northwestern's acceptance followed a lengthy application process that included an explanation of the University's strategic plan for internationalizing the undergraduate experience. Beginning in fall 2007, students from UWC schools who are admitted to Northwestern and matriculate are eligible to receive a need-based grant up to $10,000 each year from the Davis UWC Scholars program.

“UWC students will make great Northwestern students,” said Aaron Zdawczyk, assistant director of admission and financial aid and manager of the international financial aid program. “They are students who pursue activities outside the classroom with a passion and commitment to making a difference.”

Membership in the Davis UWC Scholars Program follows Northwestern's recent international financial aid initiative to increase geographic, cultural and socioeconomic diversity as well as make a Northwestern education more affordable for international students.

“International financial aid allows Northwestern to maintain its commitment to attracting and admitting the best students regardless of their background or income level,” said Zdawczyk.

United World Colleges are a group of 10 international schools that accept students from around the world. According to the UWC, the schools enable “young people to become responsible citizens, politically and environmentally aware, and committed to the ideals of peace and justice, understanding and cooperation, and the implementation of these ideals through action and personal example.”  Recent UWC graduates at Northwestern attended the UWCs in Hong Kong, Italy, Singapore and India.

The Davis UWC Scholars Program began in 2000-01 when philanthropists Shelby and Gale Davis committed significant resources to create a program that would help promote cross-cultural understanding at American colleges and universities. Students representing 175 different nations have already benefited from these grants.

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