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Griswold Named Andersen Research Professor

August 8, 2006

EVANSTON, Ill. --- Wendy Griswold has been appointed Arthur E. Andersen Research and Teaching Professor at Northwestern University.

She holds courtesy appointments in the departments of sociology and English and in the Program in Comparative Literary Studies. She is a faculty affiliate of the Media, Technology and Society Graduate Program and serves on the steering committee of the Theatre and Drama Graduate Program, both in the School of Communication. She also directs the Culture and Society Workshop

Griswold's research and teaching interests center on sociological approaches to literature, art and religion and comparative studies in Europe and Africa. She is currently working on literary and cultural regionalism in the United States and also in Norway and Italy.

Griswold has written seven books since 1986, among them, “Renaissance Revivals: City Comedy and Revenge Tragedy in the London Theatre, 1576-1980,” Cultures and Societies in a Changing World” and (with Frederick Englestadt) “Places Within, Places Beyond: The Question of Norwegian Regionalism in Literature.”

Griswold's book “Bearing Witness: Readers, Writers, and the Novel in Nigeria” (2000) received the “Best Book” award from the American Sociological Association's Culture Section. The academic journal “Choice” named it as one of the year's “outstanding academic books” in 2002.

“Cultures and Societies in a Changing World,” originally published in 1994, is in its second edition. Her most recent book on cultural regionalism, “Regionalism and the Reading Class,” is forthcoming from the University of Chicago Press.

Because of the interdisciplinary nature of her work, Griswold has received a wide variety of academic honors and awards. She has received fellowships from the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Before joining the Northwestern faculty in 1997, Griswold taught at the University of Chicago and at Harvard University.

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