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Parking Rates Set; Shuttle Service Resumes

September 20, 2005

The cost of an annual Evanston campus parking permit for the 2005-06 academic year will be $426.

Last year’s permit was $390 and was raised to $414 in the spring when the City of Evanston increased its parking tax 20 percent.

The 2005-06 rate has two components: a base of $282 and the City of Evanston parking tax of $144 that increased $24 over last year. The tax accounts for 67 percent of the 2005-06 total rate increase. 

The new base rate of $282, in addition to meeting cost of living requirements, will be used to maintain adequate reserves for parking lot improvements and expansions.

Annual permits for part-time employees working 20 hours or less per week will be $285 -- half the base rate of $282 plus the city tax per permit of $144.

The Ryan Field remote permit will remain $25. Ryan Field remains an alternative to those not wishing to pay the full permit rate and for those who live in the walking zone and need a place to park their vehicle. Those individuals who purchase a Ryan Field permit are permitted to park in the main campus C-lots during the summer term.

Parking renewal applications will be mailed in mid-August. Balances owed for any outstanding or unpaid violations will be identified on the application.  Permits will not be renewed until all violations are paid.

Contract or non-university employees will not be eligible for F-Lot parking but will be restricted to parking in the SPAC Lot, L.A.R.C. Drive, the South Beach Garage and Engelhart Lot only.

A motorcycle permit has also been established for the first time. These permits are sold at the part-time rate but are available at no cost to annual permit holders.  Motorcycle parking is limited to C-lots, and additional rules, available from the Parking  Office, apply.

A new "academic year" permit will replace quarterly student permits. This permit is valid through mid-June of 2006 and costs less then the full-year permit. This permit is a choice for students who do not require parking during the summer term.

The deadline for departmental registration for parking permits is Sept. 16.

Additional information is available from the Parking Office or via e-mail to Merrill Silverman, m-silverman@northwestern.edu.

Chicago Parking Rates Based on Salary

Parking permit rates for the Chicago campus have been established for the 2005-06 academic year. 

The faculty-staff rates are for a full year based on salary. The 10-tier fee structure ranges from $426 to $2,472 annually. Seven of those fees include a Cook County tax of $120 or $180, based on the cost of the permit.

Parking fees for evening/weekend permits and for student permits are based on quarterly, school year or full-year parking. Rates for evening/weekend permits range from $123 to $331. Student parking permits range from $136 to $426.

Parking permit revenue is used to pay a portion of these costs: operation of the University garages and parking lot; the new Erie/Ontario garage addition; and these services: the Inter-campus Shuttle, SafeRide Shuttle and Ryan Field Shuttle.

Shuttle Services Resume

University Services is again providing comprehensive shuttle services for both campuses. The free services are available to faculty, staff and students displaying a valid WildCARD when boarding the shuttle.

• Inter-campus shuttle. This service runs continuously between the Chicago and Evanston campuses from 5:10 a.m. to 10:55 p.m. weekdays, excluding university holidays. The schedule can be viewed at: http://www.univsvcs.northwestern.edu/shuttles/inter.htm.

• SafeRide Shuttle with extended Train Shuttle service for the Chicago campus. The shuttle operates from 7:20 p.m. to 1:30 a.m. Monday through Friday, excluding University holidays. (A ticket is required for the extended service to the commuter train stations.) The schedule can be viewed at: http://www.univsvcs.northwestern.edu/shuttles/saferide.html.

• The Ryan Field Shuttle. This Evanston campus service operates from 6:50 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday during the academic year. It runs between the Evanston campus and the parking lots at Ryan Field, Engelhart Hall and the Research Park. The schedule can be viewed at: http://www.univsvcs.northwestern.edu/shuttles/ryanfield.html.

Pre-Tax Savings on Parking, Transit Programs

The University is again offering a pre-tax parking and transit program that effectively reduces the cost of permit parking or public transportation to full-time faculty and staff. 

The tax savings on parking permits requires deduction of the parking fee from the gross earnings of the individual before calculation of taxes, which are then calculated on the reduced earnings. To put into effect the pre-tax deduction, parking fee deductions will be taken monthly for those purchasing parking permits.  Employees paid biweekly will see the deduction in the second paycheck of a month.

A pre-tax payment program also is available for public transit and effectively reduces the cost of public transportation. To take advantage of the pre-tax transit program and sign up for CTA transit cards or RTA transit checks (to purchase PACE, Metra or South Shore tickets), go to http://www.northwestern.edu/hr/hris/personal/payroll/transit2005.pdf.

If you already participate in this program, your parking and transit check pre-tax deductions will continue without a need for you to re-enroll. Further details are available from Human Resources.

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