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Northwestern welcomes hurricane-area students

September 20, 2005

Northwestern University will offer students enrolled at colleges and universities in hurricane-stricken areas the opportunity to take classes at Northwestern this fall as visiting students.

Northwestern will waive tuition for those students, allowing tuition revenues to continue to go to those students "home" institutions.  If students have already paid their fall semester tuition to their home institution, Northwestern will provide available space in classes at no additional cost. If the visiting students have not yet paid tuition at their home institution, Northwestern will charge the home institution’s tuition and transfer those funds to it.

"Northwestern stands ready to assist students from those institutions affected by Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath to the greatest extent possible," said University President Henry S. Bienen.

Interested undergraduate students should apply through Northwestern's School of Continuing Studies. The application deadline for those students will be extended to Sept. 15. All courses in which space is available offered through the School of Continuing Studies will be open to these students. In addition, where capacity is available, the visiting students may enroll in undergraduate courses in other Northwestern schools.

Fall quarter classes at Northwestern begin Sept. 20.

Students seeking to enroll in the emergency visiting student program should contact Lesley Todd at the School of Continuing Studies at 847-491-5251, by e-mail at scs@northwestern.edu or go to www.scs.northwestern.edu/ugrad/nondegree.

Credits earned by visiting students at Northwestern may be transferred to other colleges and universities. At the end of the fall quarter, Northwestern will give students enrolled through the program transcripts for the courses they complete.

Northwestern also will make available a limited number of rooms in the University's residence halls.  Students interested in university housing should inform the School of Continuing Studies during the enrollment process.

Northwestern's Graduate School will attempt to accommodate any master's or doctoral degree-seeking student from a New Orleans-area university who wishes to be a visiting student at Northwestern for the fall term.  Emergency visiting students in the Graduate School also will not be charged tuition for their studies.  Graduate students from the New Orleans area who may have an interest in studying at Northwestern University for the fall term should contact Associate Dean Simon Greenwold at s-greenwold@northwestern.edu or 847/467-1829. 

Northwestern Law School will offer enrollment to 15 second- and third-year law students from Tulane University and Loyola University of New Orleans. Those students are expected to arrive sometime next week.

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