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Northwestern Joins Council to Oversee Argonne Science

April 12, 2005

Northwestern University and the University of Illinois are part of a new Science Policy Council recently established by the University of Chicago to oversee the scientific mission of Argonne National Laboratory.

The council is expected to enhance Argonne’s scientific capabilities, strengthen the state’s technological base and workforce preparation and improve Illinois’ ability to receive federal research funding.

President Henry S. Bienen was named to Argonne’s Board of Governors and will serve as a member of the board’s executive and nominating committees, along with the presidents of Illinois and the University of Chicago. They will help recruit prominent new members to the board from industry, academia and the national laboratory system.

C. Bradley Moore, vice president for research at Northwestern, will serve on the Science Policy Council. He said the Argonne collaboration brings together regional institutions to tackle problems too difficult for any one institution to handle alone. “The complementary strengths of the academic institutions will provide more diverse advice and richer opportunities for collaboration for Argonne National Laboratory,” Moore said. “The resulting powerhouse of R&D promises to make Chicagoland far more competitive in the global knowledge economy.”

The new Science Policy Council’s responsibilities will focus on guiding the interactions and scientific directions of Argonne and its Illinois academic partners. It will address such issues as joint appointments, student and faculty access, and the development of new scientific directions for Argonne.

Joining Moore on the Science Policy Council are the vice president for research from the University of Chicago, the vice chancellors for research from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and the University of Illinois at Chicago, and the director of Argonne National Laboratory. The Science Policy Council has been approved by the Argonne Board of Governors and the University of Chicago Board of Trustees.

The University of Chicago will continue as the sole manager of the Laboratory for the Department of Energy.

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