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Project Pumpkin Treat for Little Ghosts

October 26, 2004

About 800 little ghosts and goblins will be scurrying around Norris University Center Wednesday (Oct. 27).

The Evanston and Chicago children aged 4 to 12 will visit the Evanston campus from 4 to 6:30 p.m. for Project Pumpkin, an annual event sponsored by the Northwestern Community Development Corps, a student group.

“Project Pumpkin is a completely student-run endeavor and one of the best partnerships Northwestern has with the community,” said Suzan Akin, coordinator of Student Community Service for the Center for Student Involvement.

The fall event provides underserved children with a safe haven to trick or treat for Halloween.

Hundreds of Northwestern students, most also dressed in Halloween costumes, will chaperone the children around Norris University Center where different dormitories, residential colleges, campus student groups and Greek organizations run booths with carnival games and activities.

The young tricksters typically visit a Haunted House, bob for apples, tour an outdoor graveyard, listen to scary stories, and take turns vying for Halloween piñata treats.

“The children will be coming from organizations such as Christopher House, Y.O.U. (Youth Organization Umbrella, Inc.) and the Lutheran Family Mission,” said senior Rebecca Maltzman, co-chair of this year’s Northwestern Community Development Corps with senior Monica Ko.

“We work hard to decorate Norris with different Halloween themes. Last year’s decorations included a graveyard and witch room.”

A year ago, approximately 250 Northwestern students -- most attired in Halloween costumes -- volunteered as chaperones. Fifty or so other students manned three- to four-person activity booths.

“This event allows students to relive their childhoods, while at the same time making it possible for kids around the Chicago (and Evanston) area to trick or treat in a fun and friendly environment,” said Ko. “We hope that this year’s Project Pumpkin will be better than ever. One thing that we are trying to do differently is give each room a particular ‘theme,’ and let students dress accordingly.”

For more information about Project Pumpkin contact Special Events Chairs Rebecca Maltzman (r-maltzman@northwestern.edu) and Monica Ko (m-ko@northwestern.edu).

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