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Time for New Parking Permits

September 22, 2004

Annual parking permits for the 2004-05 academic year for the Evanston campus are on sale.

The cost of this year's full-time permit is $390. The increase of $14 over last year’s fee is attributed to the rise in the cost of living and planning for a north campus parking garage.

Part-time employees, those working 20 hours or less, will pay half the rate.

The daily rate will be $5.75 per day.

Parking renewal applications should be completed and returned to Parking Services.

A renewal application is also available on line at: http://www.northwestern.edu/up/parking/Applications.htm

First-time buyers must appear in person to purchase the permit.

This year's payroll deductions will begin in November and end in October 2005.

Guests are required to obtain a valid parking permit, display it properly and park legally in the appropriate parking lot.

The cost of the Ryan Field remote parking permit remains at $25.  Ryan Field is an alternative for those who don’t want to pay the full permit rate and those who live in the walking zone and need a place to park their vehicle.

Individuals who purchase a Ryan Field permit are allowed to park on the main campus during the summer term except faculty and staff who purchase Chicago campus permits.

The shuttle schedules can be viewed at: http://www.univsvcs.northwestern.edu/Parking/evanston.html

Additional information is available from Parking Services or via e-mail to Merrill Silverman, assistant director, at m-silverman@northwestern.edu

Topics: University News