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U.S. Bank Is New WildCARD Partner

September 17, 2004
bank teller and customer

U.S. Bank has recently become Northwestern’s WildCARD banking partner replacing LaSalle Bank, which previously held a five-year contract with the University.

Returning students, faculty and staff on the Evanston campus will find a full-service U.S. Bank branch located on the ground level of Norris University Center and eight U.S. Bank ATMs scattered around campus.

Art Monge, manager of WildCARD and vending at Northwestern, said University policy dictates that after a contract has expired, Northwestern must put out a request for proposals. 

“The best offer came from U.S. Bank based out of Minneapolis, Minn.,” Monge said. “We were really pleased to secure a nationally known banking partner. Additionally, U.S. Bank is working with 17 other universities and colleges across the country, so the bank is very familiar with college campuses.”

All students, faculty or staff members and their spouses are able to open an account with U.S. Bank and link it to their WildCARD, so they are also able to use it as an ATM/debit card.

“This is simply for convenience,” Monge said. “With this program, people only need one basic card.”

All LaSalle account holders were notified of the change this summer and are able to retain their accounts with LaSalle if they wish, Monge said.

To celebrate their presence on campus, U.S. Bank hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony Sept. 13 in Norris University Center. In addition to U.S. Bank dignitaries, the event was attended by Eugene Sunshine, senior vice president of business and finance; Brian Peters, director of university services; and Richard Thomas, director of Norris University Center.

U.S. Bank is offering Northwestern students, faculty and staff a chance to win $50,000 in the Wildcats Magic Score promotion. U.S. Bank customers can complete an entry form at the U.S. Bank branch on campus through Oct. 29. U.S. Bank will select one entry form to participate in the Wildcats Magic Score Promotion. If the Wildcats win the Oct. 30 homecoming game against Purdue with a score of 24 to 21, the selected entrant will win $50,000.

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