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Course Offerings

See past, upcoming and current course offerings by Native faculty or with content area in topics related to Native American history, policy, and more. These courses span a variety of departments and disciplines. View CAESAR for more on these courses.

Current Courses

For a current listing of course offerings please see the Center for Native American and Indigenous Research (CNAIR) website.

Past Courses

International Program Development

Understanding public health in any community requires an interdisciplinary approach that examines history, economics, culture, politics, etc. Stemming from its interest in global health, and its administration of the Global Health Studies program, IPD is offering a course on Native American Health in Spring 2015, Spring 2016, Fall 2016, and Spring 2017. IPD is also organizing a number of activities designed to provide opportunities for students to learn about contemporary Native American culture and society. As part of this effort, IPD is collaborating with units and departments throughout the university to coordinate a multidisciplinary lecture series that will bring scholars and practitioners of interest to campus. The lecture series will run from March 2015 - January 2017. Questions or suggestions for lectures can be directed to IPD Associate Director Kim Rapp.

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