2018 MCC Summer Storage


MCC basement storage for the summer of 2018 is only open to groups who had previously utilized MCC for their storage needs and were part of the  2017 MCC basement clean-out.

Application process

All eligible groups must complete this form by 11:59 PM Monday, May 14 in order to receive storage space in the basement over the summer. 

Storage policies

  • Each organization will be assigned a room/shelf/bin number(s) for their summer storage needs. Each organization will be assigned, at most, three bins (dimensions: 33"L x 20/18" W x 13.5" H).

  • Organizations must use the bins provided by MSA.

  • Organizations must keep their storage area clean and organized and ensure accessibility. No items may be stored on the floor.

  • All items must be stored in the bins provided - items cannot be placed individually on the storage shelves. Any items that do not fit within the bins should be labeled as large/oversize. 

  • Large/oversize items will be stored in a separate area of the basement. Oversize items must be clearly labeled with the organization name.

  • Prohibited Items:

    • Food (both perishable and non-perishable). 

    • Firearms, drugs or drug paraphernalia, alcohol, any items prohibited on campus by all applicable laws and university policies. 

    • Personal items: Only materials related to student org activities may be stored.

    • Items belonging to another student organization.

    • Hazardous materials: Flammable items, explosives, chemicals, etc.

  • Access to the MCC basement will be overseen by MSA staff; see below. 

  • MSA is not responsible for broken, missing, or stolen items. 

  • All groups will be required to re-apply for MCC basement storage for the 2018-2019 academic year. Information on this process will be provided in early September 2018.


  • May 14: Summer Storage application deadline.

  • May 15 - May 21: MSA staff will review applications and assign storage space and bins based on need.
  • May 21: Organizations will be notified of their summer storage allocation (room, shelf, and bin number(s)) and move-in procedures.
  • June 11 - 15: Organizations will be able to move their items into the MCC basement. 

Accessing Storage in MCC 

Student organizations' access to the MCC basement will be overseen by MSA staff. This is to ensure both security of items stored and ensure compliance with storage policies. Organizations will designate two members who will be authorized to access the basement on behalf of the organization. The names of these authorized individuals will be logged by the MSA Office Assistant. All entries to the basement must be granted by the Office Assistant. Please follow the steps below to access the basement: 

  • Visit the Office Assistant during MSA operational hours at the front desk and provide your Wildcard ID. 
  • The Office Assistant will verify that you are one of two authorized individuals granted access by your organization. 
  • Once verified, you will receive a keycard granting access to the MCC basement in exchange for your Wildcard ID. Your Wildcard will be returned to you once you have returned the checked-out MCC keycard. 
  • The MCC keycard can only be checked out for no more than 30 minutes at a time. 
  • You may only access items for the organization for which you are the authorized individual. 
  • In the event that your organization needs access to the basement and the two authorized individuals cannot be present, your organization may email MSA no later than 48 hours prior with the name of a proxy. MSA will confirm that your email has been received and that the name will be noted at the front desk. 

Moving in- Moving out Procedures

  • MSA will communicate via email with groups who have been granted storage. 

  • MSA will inform groups which dates and times they may move their items into storage. 
  • Each group will be assigned a room, storage rack and bins, all of which have been labeled. 
  • Groups will review the MSA storage policy and confirm that they understand the policy. 
  • Groups will also confirm that they understand at the conclusion of each academic year all storage tenants must remove their items. 
  • MSA staff will verify that no items stored are on the prohibited list
  • Items that are not removed at the end of the academic year by a designated time determined by MSA will be thrown out. 
  • Groups must then apply to enter a lottery system each year with no guarantee that storage will be provided. 

Policy Violations 

Failure to comply with the MSA Storage Policy may result in lost privileges of MSA provided resources, notification to organization Advisor, and/or notification to the Office of Student Conduct. Some policy violations may include but are not limited to: 

  • Theft 
  • Misplaced or lost MSA keycard 
  • Unauthorized entry into storage space 
  • Prohibited item(s) found in storage 
  • Failure to keep storage space clean and accessible.