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End-of-Year FAQs

When will the End-of-Year Celebrations take place?

The End-of-Year Celebrations will take place between May 28 – June 10.  Information about the release of each of the pre-recorded celebrations will be posted as soon as it is available.  Registrants will also receive a reminder as the date approaches. 

Is it only open to undergraduate students? 

While our End-of-Year Celebrations are primarily geared towards undergraduate students, we welcome graduate student participation in our celebrations.

Can I participate in more than one ceremony? 

Yes, the registration form allows students to sign up for multiple End-of-Year Celebrations.

Why can't I register past April 2nd?

Past April 2nd, we cannot make any more accommodations because of tight turnarounds related to communication, recording, and marketing deadlines.

Are we getting stoles?

Participants for each of the celebrations will receive a stole as described.  During the registration, you will also have an option to request an additional Heritage stole with your choice of flag.

I live outside of the United States. May I still participate and receive a stole?

Yes.  You may still participate and register to receive a stole.

I submitted my info and need to update something/change the information I submitted:

If this is during open registration, please fully re-registrar. Your most recent submission is what will be used for the celebration(s) you opt into.

If you need to do this AFTER registration closed (April 2nd), please email Information shared after the registration is NOT guaranteed to make program materials due to other planning deadlines.

Will the ceremonies be live or pre-recorded?

All of the celebrations are pre-recorded. They will be made available to view online.  Our 2020 Celebrations are available online for viewing if you are interested to see what they are like.

How can I share the virtual celebration with my friends and family?

You will receive a link in June that you will be able to share with your family.