Affinity Discussion Groups

Multicultural Student Affairs seeks to create community for less visible identities and experiences within the greater Northwestern community through affinity discussion groups. These groups explore and celebrate the intersectionality of their identities and experiences and how they contribute to society. All groups are created and facilitated by Northwestern students.

Below is a list of all our current affinity discussion groups for 2016-2017:

  • StAG (Student Athlete and Greek Alliance)
  • Latinx (Gender open Latino group)
  • Queer Trans Intersex People of Color (QTIPOC)
  • Transform NU

StAG (Student Athlete and Greek Alliance)

Some of us have great expierences, some of us have more difficult moments. Coming together to share what works and what doesn't, when to move forward and when to step back can help all of us learn to support ourselves and each other. Particlaurly, for LGBTQ identifying athletes and fraternity and sorority members. StAG is a affinity group to discuss these expierences.

Meeting times coming soon!


Latinx discussion group gatherings aim to assist Latino/a/x/Hispanic-identifying students in finding their place at Northwestern. Group discusses how our identities play a role in the everyday dynamics at NU and beyond. We aim not to define what a Latino/Hispanic student is, but rather seek an understanding of how our unique and culturally connected identities impact our experience at NU. Meetings will also challenge students to view identity at NU through different perspectives with guest speakers ranging from CAPS, SHAPE, CARE, and other student groups on campus. We encourage students who identify in any way with Latino/Hispanic culture to attend these meetings and contribute to the discussion in this safe/brave space.

Queer Trans Intersex People of Color (QTIPOC)

This community discussion group is for students interested in discussing topics about the intersections of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, and ethnicity. It is an open group for all queer people of varying races and ethnicities and their allies to share opinions and discuss different topics every month and it serves as a safe place to discuss recent stresses or concerns from one's own life.

Meetings are every other Monday from 5:30-6:30pm (starting October 3rd, 2016) in the Black House.

Transform NU

Transform NU aims to be a safe place for transgender/nonbinary/questioning students to engage in dialogue about our identities/experiences/interest, and ultimately build a safe and supportive community together.

Meetings are every other Friday from 6:00-7:00pm (starting October 7th, 2016) in the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center (3rd floor of Norris).

Are you interested in facilitating an affinity discussion group? Have questions about a group you are interested in attending? Contact Jordan "JT" Turner at or Christine Munteanu at for more information.