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Queer @ NU

All Gender Housing

Gender Open Housing refers to an arrangement whereby students, regardless of sex, gender, or gender identity, are permitted to share a room or suite in select areas of Northwestern’s residence halls. The primary reason for such a policy is to provide housing options that take into consideration varying identities and preferences, and to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all students. Open Housing is not intended − and in fact is highly discouraged − for romantic couples.
For more information, visit our All Gender Housing FAQ on the Residential Services site.

All Gender Restrooms

All Gender Restroom facilities are utilized to provide a safe and welcoming space for individuals who may identify as transgender or outside of the male/female gender binary. The intentionality of All Gender restrooms is to support transgender and non-binary individuals who often face difficult decisions and experiences when being forced to choose between the divided male and female restrooms.



Evanston Campus


Table of All-Gender Restrooms on Northwestern Campus
Address Build/Space Name Room Number(s) ADA Accessible
620 Lincoln St Northwestern Career Advancement, Student Affairs Assessment

Ground Floor (Rm G022)

First Floor (Room 121 and 118)

630 Lincoln St Northwestern Career Advancement

Ground Floor (Rm G020)

First Floor (Rm 121)

2400 Sheridan Rd Elder Residential Community/Dining Hall First Floor (Rm 132, 131) Yes
560 Lincoln St 560 Lincoln Residential Hall First Floor (105B, 113) Yes
2315 Campus Dr Center for Audiology, Speech, Language, and Learning First Floor (Rm 1505, 1503) Yes
2311 Campus Dr Henry Crown Sports Pavillion First Floor (Rm. 1262) Unconfirmed
2255 Campus Dr Walter Athletics Center No Floor or Room Number Provided Unconfirmed
2333 Campus Dr Ryan Fieldhouse First Floor Unconfirmed
2240 Campus Dr Frances Searle Building

First Floor (near room 1239)

Second Floor (near room 2239)

Third Floor (near room 3239)

2233 Tech Dr Mudd Library Second Floor (near room 2254) Yes
2145 Sheridan Dr Technological Institute

First Floor (A181, A182)

Second Floor (F287)

Third Floor(F338)

600 Haven and 2122 Sheridan Rd Seabury Hall

First Floor (Rm 101, 112)

Second Floor (Rm 201, 235, 236)

2131 Tech Dr Dearborn Observatory First Floor (2 restrooms near rm 9D) Yes
2121 Sheridan Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary

Ground Floor (Library Basement)

First Floor (Near room 1713)

Second Floor (Near room 2721)

Third Floor (Near room 3732)

2021 Sheridan Rd Swift Hall

First Floor (Rm 106)

Second Floor (Rm 422)

2029 Sheridan Rd Cresap Laboratory

Second Floor (Rm 229)

Third Floor (Rm 331)

2033 Sheridan Lunt hall First Floor (Rm, 100F) Unconfirmed
618 Library Family Institute Ground Floor (No # provided) Unconfirmed
2000 Sheridan Rd Women's Center

First Floor (No # provided)

Second Floor (No # provided)

1940 Sheridan Rd Health Professions Advising

First Floor (Rm 105, 108)

Second Floor (Rm 205)

Third Floor (Rm 304)

Only first floor restrooms
1936 Sheridan Rd Multicultural Center

First Floor (Rm 103)

Second Floor (Rm 202, 207A)

Third Floor (Rm 301)

Only first floor restroom
1999 Campus Dr Norris University Center

Second Floor (Rm 2259A)

Third Floor (Rm 3249)

600 Foster Chambers Hall Room J226 Unconfirmed
1927 Orrington Student Enrichment Service First Floor (No # provided) Unconfirmed
1970 Campus Dr University Library First Floor (Rm 1116) Unconfirmed
1949 Campus Dr Virginia Wadsworth Wirtz Center

First Floor (Rm 130)

Second Floor (Rm 204)

70 Arts Circle Dr Ryan Center for the Musical Arts

First Floor (Near room 166)

Fifth Floor (Near room 5163)

1841 Sheridan Rd Segal Visitors Center No Floor or Room Number Provided Unconfirmed
1880 Campus Dr Kresge Centennial Hall

Ground Floor (Rm 103)

First Floor (Rm 1403)

1860 Campus Dr Crowe Hall First Floor (1-170) Unconfirmed
1908 Sheridan Rd WASC Advising

First Floor (Rm 101)

Second Floor (Rm 207)

Third Floor (Room 307)

Only first floor restroom
619 Emerson 619 Emerson

First Floor (Rm 104)

Second Floor (Rm 205)

Only first floor restroom
1856 Orrington Ave Temporary Black House

First Floor (No # provided)

Second Floor (No Number provided)

1865 Sherman Ave Willard Residential College Ground Floor (B62) Yes
700 University Pl Lutkin hall Ground Floor (Rm 019, 023) Unconfirmed
626 University Pl Shepard Hall Engagement Center First Floor (Rm 103) Yes
1820 Chicago Ave Allison Dining Hall Ground Floor (Rm 524, 527) Yes
633 Clark Rebecca Crown Center No Floor or Room Number Provided Unconfirmed
619 Clark 619 Clark First Floor (Rm 112) Unconfirmed
1800 Sherman 1800 Sherman First Floor (Suite 1-200) Unconfirmed
2705 Ashland Ave McGraw Hall No Floor or Room Number Provided Unconfirmed
2751 Ashland Ave Rocky and Bernice Miller Park No Floor or Room Number Provided Unconfirmed

Are there more All Gender Restrooms on campus?  Please complete this form and let us know where they are at and we will add it to the list.

Here is a map of Evanston All Gender Restrooms, you may also add a restroom to that list here.

Chicago Campus
  • Health Service- Chicago: 303 E Chicago Ave, Chicago, IL 60611 

Personal Identification Change

Form to Change Identity

Name Change

(for current students, except for NU Law and School of Professional Studies students; see below)

Northwestern University policy states that a student's name in the student database must be identical to the name on their Social Security card. The Office of the Registrar will process a request for name change for students who are US citizens or permanent residents and who provide the appropriate documentation. Students who hold an F1 or J1 visa must contact the International Office to request a name change.

To file for a name change, present the following information to the Office of the Registrar:

  • Application for Change of Name (available at the Office of the Registrar)
  • Original Social Security card with new name OR copy of legal documentation confirming legal name change
  • Government issued photo identification
  • Northwestern Wildcard
Once this documentation has been presented at the Office of the Registrar, please allow a minimum of 48 hours for the change to take effect.

Gender Change (for current students)

Current students who change gender on legal documents may request their University records be changed to reflect that by filing an application for change of demographic Information and providing government-issued documentation such as a driver’s license or passport displaying the new gender.

Students who are in gender transition or no longer identify with their birth or legal gender may request their University records be changed to reflect a U or unknown gender, using the same form. No additional documentation is required for this request.

Current Students (NU Law and School of Continuing Studies only)
  • University policy states that a student's name in the student database must be identical to the name on their Social Security card. NU Law and SPS students who are US citizens or permanent residents must contact their school registrar to request a name change: Northwestern University School of Law, Registration and Records Northwestern University, School of Continuing Studies, Office of the Registrar NU
  •  Law and SCS students who hold an F1 or J1 visa must contact the International Office to request a name change.

Preferred Name

Current students (except for those in the Kellogg School of Management) can indicate a “preferred” first name, which is a name the student wishes to be commonly known as, if different from their legal first name.

A student may change their preferred first and/or middle names using CAESAR. The student's preferred name will only be seen on Class Rosters, Grade Rosters, Canvas, and the Online Directory. 

In addition, a student may indicate a preferred name for their library account. The chosen name will be used on all library communications and will appear when the student signs in to NUsearch.

Please note that the “primary” name will continue to be the student's legal name and will continue to appear on transcript, the Wildcard, and any documentation involving financial aid or student accounts. Students must continue to use their primary names when conducting official University business. In addition, indicating a preferred name will not change a student's e-mail address that appears in the NU Online Directory. It is important to know that the primary name can only be changed by visiting the Office of the Registrar and requesting a formal name change (see above).

Kellogg Students

For Kellogg students, "preferred names" can be changed through the Kellogg Student Directory:

Email and Account Change

By default, the display name associated with your email address is your official name as listed in CAESAR. This is the sender name that appears to others when you send email. If you change your name, you can change your email display name to reflect that change.

Before you can change your name on your email account, you must first submit a name change request through your school's Registrar. See the Registrar's page File a Name Change for more info. Once your submitted name change appears in the Online Directory, you can change your display name by clicking the Update Name button on the Account Management Page. The display name on your email account will change to reflect the name on file with the Registrar.

To change the name listed in your student email address (i.e. or your email display name if you have not submitted an official name change request through the Registrar, send an email to NUIT at

Former Students

The name under which you were enrolled must remain on your transcript, unless you re-enroll. Your official name at the time you left will always appear on your transcript.