Hurricane and Earthquake Relief Efforts

In collaboration with Northwestern student groups and Latina and Latino Studies Program. We are hosting this site to share information on events and programs being hosted by student groups to support hurricane and earthquake relief efforts in Puerto Rico and Mexico. As we are made aware of events and resources we will continue to update this page.

Latina and Latino Studies created a web page listing various organizations across the U.S. who are sending supplies, food, water, and other needed items. To access the list click here

To contribute an event or program that may be shared with the Northwestern community please email your event details to 

Puerto Rico Teach-In and Donation Drive

October 17, 6pm

Kresge Hall, Room 1515

A teach-in with Frances Aparicio and Zorimar Rivera Montes about Puerto Rico, its colonial history, and the impact these factors contribute to the hurricane crisis. Monetary donations will aid Fundación Comunitaria de Puerto Rico and our former MEChistas family affected by the hurricane. Physical donations will go to the National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts & Culture's donation fund collecting the following to send to those affected: Water, water filters, solar-powered lanterns/chargers, canned food, baby wipes, diapers, hand sanitizers.

Hosted by MEChA and Sigma Lambda Gamma

Politics of Chiapas, Zapatistas, and the Mexican Earthquake Relief

October 19, 7:00pm

LLSP/AASP Seminar Room Crowe 1-132

The Southern Mexico area was hit with earthquake mainly impacting Chiapas, Oaxaca and the Mexico City, because of international popularity, Mexico City has obtained most publicity and resources. This has created an influx of resources to Mexico City and lack of resources in Oaxaca and Chiapas. Since geographically, Oaxaca is closer to Mexico city, resources were easily distributed between the two. However, Chiapas received the short end of the stick because it receives the lowest amount of resources and was hit with one of the stronger waves of the earthquakes. Come learn about this inequality and the politics of the state of Chiapas which is the home to many indigenous peoples of Mexico and the Zapatistas. Monetary Donations and Physical Donations will be accepted at this time.

Hosted by MEChA

Donation Drive for Puerto Rico & Mexico

Tech Atrium, 9:00am - 11:00am

Norris Ground Floor, 12:00pm - 2:00pm

Students will be tabling at the times listed above to collect relief items.

Hosted by Sigma Lambda Gamma