Mission Statement

learning outcomes for MSA at Posted Gallery 2014

Mission of Multicultural Student Affairs

Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA) enriches the cultural experience of Northwestern through leadership and education programming; providing opportunities for community engagement and identity expression; and assisting students in navigating the University.

Our Advising Philosophy

Multicultural Student Affairs advises from a developmental perspective that focuses on the individual needs of each student. An advising relationship is established with an emphasis on helping students identify and accomplish life goals. We believe that by assisting students holistically, we take into account students intersecting identities and life experiences to aid in providing a positive learning experience at Northwestern University.

Our Annual Theme: Centering at the Margins

The Multicultural Student Affairs (MSA) programmatic theme for the 2016-2017 academic year is “Centering at the Margins.” This theme captures our desire to highlight, value, and affirm marginalized identities, voices, and experiences through our programs and services. During this upcoming year, MSA’s initiatives and partnerships will reflect our theme by creating inclusive spaces that center the stories and lived experiences of those who have been made to feel invisible, excluded, or silenced in order to promote counter-narratives, validate multiple truths, and embrace intersectionality. MSA’s goal in grounding our work in this theme is to develop intentional opportunities for holistic learning, reflection, and coalition-building to foster a Northwestern experience where all students can thrive.