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Wedding FAQs

When will I be contacted by the Chapel Music Coordinator?

You will be contacted by the Chapel Music Coordinator 3 months before your ceremony. If you would like to get a headstart please consult our music samples webpage

Am I allowed to bring in outside musicians?

Outside musicians are allowed after approval of the Chapel Music Coordinator. At Northwestern University we have a highly esteemed music program and want professional music at your wedding ceremony.

Am I allowed to bring in an outside officiant?

Yes. Unless you are already married, make sure the officiant is licensed in Illinois.

What happens if I hired an outside Wedding Planner?

The outside wedding planner may assist with the ceremony. However, no outside wedding coordinator has any authority in the chapel and must yield all questions to the Chapel Coordinator.

Can I decorate in the morning before my ceremony?

No. All decoration must be placed during the reservation time. The Chapel will not accept any deliveries beforehand. Remember that simple is sweet!

Can I decorate the pews?

No. The Chapel will no longer allow any decoration of the pews due to liability and safety concerns.

How long is the aisle at Alice Millar Chapel?

115 feet

Can I have my guests throw anything upon our exit of the chapel?

Rice, birdseed, balloons, confetti or any animal releasing is strictly prohibited on the chapel grounds. We highly suggest using a bubble exit.

Can I have an aisle runner?

Yes. An aisle runner is required when throwing real petals. The aisle runner must be securely taped at the front of the chapel. It must also be laid down before the ceremony starts. Due to safety concerns, we do not allow the runner to be rolled out directly before the bride.

Where can my guests park for the wedding?

All Northwestern designated parking lots are available to the public after 4:00 pm M-F and all day on Saturday and Sunday. There is also a nearby garage,  the Evanston Church Street Parking Garage. It has 4 levels of parking and costs $1/hr. Please see our parking map for details.