Stained Glass Windows

chancel window

chancel window close up

facade window

side windows of alice millar

The Chancel Window

The great chancel window at the front of the chapel encompasses all of biblical theology in the themes of "Creation, Redemption, and Triumph." The splay of red at the top center of the window signifies the life-giving, self-sacrificing love of God. A descending dove (a white v-like figure) is the bearer of God's love to the earth.

The lower third of the window depicts the creation of the waters of the earth and marine life. The center third narrates story of redemption, beginning at the left in the garden of Eden where the serpent is coiled around the trunk of a tree. Two large human figures kneel with hands clasped and faces covered in shame and humiliation. They have turned their backs upon evil and have come under the light of the cross and the open hand of God at the center of the window. A band of green color across their waists represent their hope in Christ. Our eyes move toward the right, where we see "the Lamb of God who taketh away the sin of the world." To the left of the lamb's head is a stalk of wheat, symbol of the bread of Holy Communion.

To the right of the lamb's head hangs a bunch of grapes, the symbol of Eucharistic wine. At the far right is a horse, symbol of dignity. Just below is a turtle, symbol of patience.

The upper third of the window represents the creation of the heavens. A great circle of gold, accented with green and red represents the sun. To the left is a circle representing the moon.

At the right is a cross with orb, an historic symbol of the reign of Christ in the world. Double-lined intertwined ellipses, which span the center of the window, remind us that this chapel was constructed in the "atomic age."

The Facade Window

The great facade window over the front entrance is visible in color both day and night, though each period of the day gives a different effect to the window. This window offers an invitation to all: "Come unto me, all who labor and are heavy-laden and I will give you rest" (Matthew I 1:28). The Willet artist said of it, "We have tried to express this as a singing manifestation of God's kingdom in its highest form, stripped of all detail, that it may clearly affirm the Holy Trinity." From the top of the window is the creative hand of God.

Immediately below is the all-inclusive Cross of Christ. The images are united in the immense wings of the Holy Spirit. The hand of God holds a perfect circle, symbol of the universe.

The Side Windows

The side windows of the nave are designed to signify the work of the university in response to the creation depicted in the chancel window. The windows are meant to be in dialogue with one another, as if to ask what each what each endeavor has to say to its neighbors. Black arcs span the side windows, representing the world in which the university does its work. Click on the images at the right to see the full windows.