Timothy Stevens

Tim Stevens, University Chaplain

University Chaplain


Phone: 847-491-2298
Email: chaplain@northwestern.edu

Timothy Stevens has served as University Chaplain since 1986.  He enjoys conducting university chapel service each Sunday of the academic year in Alice Millar Chapel.  In addition, he is responsible for religious life on campus, advising a wide array of religious groups.  His hope is to work with leaders of religious communities to create a positive environment for religious expression and inter-religious understanding and cooperation.  He is available for personal counseling or informal conversation on a range of issues.  He encourages students and other members of the Northwestern community to stop by his office to get acquainted.

Chaplain Stevens is a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary (Master of Divinity) and Northwestern University (Ph.D. in English Literature). He is an ordained minister of the United Church of Christ (UCC).

Tim enjoys travel. Each year, he co-leads a spring break trip abroad, known as “Friendship Missions.” The aim is to increase our global awareness and establish relationships with communities in other countries. In the past, he has traveled to Russia, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Cuba.

He teach courses on subjects such as: interfaith conflict and dialogue; and faith and service.

If you have questions about the chapel and its programs or about religious life on campus, do not hesitate to contact him.