About Us

Alice Millar Chapel

Alice Millar Chapel was designed with the specific intent of celebrating the life of our community and the momentous occasions which it celebrates from rites of passage to weddings and from commencement ceremonies to world class musical events. This space invites the visitor to be inspired by the momentous architecture and stunning stained glass windows, or to take a moment to use the quiet of the rooms for study and reflection. Alice Millar Chapel is under the management of Northwestern's Religious & Spiritual Life.

Jeanne Vail Chapel

Similar to Alice Millar Chapel, Vail Meditation Chapel is used for a varied program of ceremonial, spiritual, and artistic events, but on a much more intimate scale. Vail Chapel is often used for musical recordings and small group performances. Jeanne Vail Chapel is also managed by Religious & Spiritual Life.

Parkes Hall

Parkes Hall connects Alice Millar Chapel and Jeanne Vail Chapel in a expansive event facility. Parkes Hall hosts our Muslim Prayer Room (144) and our Mult-Belief Sapce (204) along with several meeting rooms open for religious student organizations. One of the most popular spaces is the RSL Social Hall (122) and the RSL Lounge (120). These two rooms are co-manged by Religious & Spritiual Life and Norris Events.


To reserve any of these rooms please refer to our Reserve our Spaces page.