Alumni Merit Award: Anil Agarwal

As evidenced by his two books, The Real Essence of Life and Extreme Practice Makeover, Dr. Anil Agarwal is committed to crafting a fulfilling and fruitful life. "For one to be successful in professional life, personal life has to be in order as well," Agarwal explains regarding his outlook. His inspiration to share this belief with patients, colleagues, and employees has led him to a wide range of pursuits, and the dentist, author, entrepreneur, and teacher has proved his skill in each of them.

After receiving his BS from Agra University and his DDS from King George's Medical School, both in India, Agarwal completed his residency at Northwestern University Dental School, earning his post-graduate certificate. He then began working toward his MS in oral biology, studying part-time and teaching full-time as an assistant professor of prosthodontics—that is, dentistry dealing with restorative and cosmetic implants and prostheses—at the dental school. He earned his master's degree in 1983, at which point he received a tenured associate professorship at Northwestern and also established his own practice. Specializing in adult reconstructive dentistry, his practice now maintains two Chicago-area locations.

While at Northwestern, Agarwal also served as the director of the University's prosthodontic clinics and the director of the treatment planning center, and he initiated a special elective program ,on dental practice management.

Throughout his career, Agarwal has regularly aught numerous continuing education classes, labs, and lectures to share his expertise in implantology and restorative dentistry. His lessons on personal and professional success are compiled in an eight-CD set and five tele-seminars, as well as in his two books.

The invention and successful marketing of two unique dental products have gained him acclaim in prosthodontic circles: His dental soft relining product is useful for cancer patients and others with low tissue tolerance, and his force- measuring technique for bones is now used in much oral biology research.

Agarwal has been honored with fellowships at the International Congress of Oral Implantology and the Academy of American Dentistry. In 2001, his practice, Winterset Dental Care, received the Dental Economics/Matsco Award as the top solo practice in Illinois.

In 2000, his practice donated a fully equipped dental facility for use as a free clinic for the uninsured, underinsured, and others who would not otherwise have access to dental care. The Agarwal Family Health Society Clinic treats more than 2,000 patients annually.

Agarwal is married to Shashi, and they have three children: Amal, Shelly, and Sheena, who is a pre-med student at Northwestern.