Michael Stanton: Remembering Danny

Michael Stanton (SCS00) and his wife, Mariann, thought they were doing everything they could to treat their son’s seizures — until they found 4-year-old Danny’s lifeless body in his bed in December 2009.

Shortly after they buried their son, the Stantons launched the Danny Did Foundation to raise awareness of Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy and promote the development and use of seizure detection and prediction devices.

An Evanston police officer, Stanton and his wife live in Chicago’s Edgebrook neighborhood with their three children, Mary Grace, Johnny and Tommy. They have worked tirelessly with doctors and neurologists to gain Food and Drug Administration approval for seizure detection devices. The foundation has also subsidized the Emfit Movement Monitor, a seizure activity alarm, for nearly 100 families across the country.

“I attribute the success of the foundation to Danny and the power of his personality,” Stanton says.

The Danny Did Foundation will be the primary beneficiary for the 2013 Dance Marathon (see the video announcement). 

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