Gabby Gonzalez

Major: Journalism
Hometown: Miami

Proudest Northwestern accomplishment? A really big thing for me was co-founding Noticiero Northwestern, the University’s first complete Spanish newscast on the Northwestern News Network. [It’s currently only available on the NNN Facebook page and YouTube channels and soon will be available on the NNN website.] It’s something I can leave behind that will hopefully continue for years to come. It was also kind of a collection of all of my parts. Yes, it’s broadcast, but it’s also in Spanish, so it involves my roots.

Greatest lesson at Northwestern? I’m a perfectionist. When things go wrong, I stress out. Throughout college, things go wrong in the classroom or in the studio. I think I’ve started to learn to deal with those things and move on in a more productive fashion.

Favorite form of social media? I really love Twitter, but I tweet way too much. I think it’s beginning to be a problem. Sometimes I have to say, “Gabby, no more today.”

Do you have a journalism role model? I really look up to Soledad O’Brien (host of the “In America” documentary unit on CNN). I love that her pieces really speak to the people in this country and tackle hard-hitting issues.

Something that most people don’t know about you? I didn’t learn to speak English until I was 5. I only spoke Spanish. I was born in the Dominican Republic, so when I moved to Miami at age 5, I did not speak one word of English.

Any regrets? I haven’t been able to really explore Chicago. I wish I had gotten to know the city more, not just downtown but the smaller, really eclectic areas. That’s my regret, living so close to Chicago and not taking full advantage of it.