GRRM at Northwestern

GRRM at NU football
Photo by Stephen J. Carrera.

Northwestern rolled out the purple carpet for Martin when he returned to Evanston to be inducted into the Medill Hall of Achievement last November. His Q&A sessions with students at the McCormick Foundation Center and Cahn Auditorium were some of the hottest tickets on campus, and he was the guest of honor at the Wildcats’ football game against Penn State. The marching band played the Game of Thrones theme music, students received free Thrones-inspired T-shirts, and Martin was presented with a customized helmet.

GRRM and Julia
Fellow Northwestern alum Julia Louis-Dreyfus ’83, ’07 H, also at the game, tweeted a photo of herself and Martin with the caption “Veep of Thrones.” See more Twitter reaction to Martin's visit to Northwestern.