Kelly’s Coaching Tree

If Kelly Amonte Hiller’s former players can coach as well as she can, the National Lacrosse Hall of Famer will soon have some formidable competition on her hands.

Five of Amonte Hiller’s former players have now become head coaches of their own Division I women’s lacrosse programs, after Sarah Albrecht (University of New Hampshire), Ann Elliott (University of Colorado at Boulder) and Shannon Smith (Hofstra University) each took charge of programs this past offseason. They joined Lindsey Munday (University of Southern California) and Angela McMahon (University of Massachusetts) as part of Amonte Hiller’s growing list of coaching “disciples,” which also includes 10 former players who are now assistant coaches.

Like their former coach, Elliott and Munday each became the head coach of a varsity program in regions where lacrosse is growing in popularity. And Amonte Hiller is particularly proud that the game continues to spread across the country under the watchful eye of her past pupils.

“The game is a gift, and to have that opportunity to play is really special,” she says. “I think when you become a coach you want to give another special opportunity to someone else.”

Complete list of former Northwestern players who are now college coaches:

Sarah Albrecht (WCAS06): University of New Hampshire, head coach

Kirstyn Atkinson (SESP11): U.S. Naval Academy, volunteer assistant coach

Hilary Bowen (SESP09): University of Southern California, assistant coach

Katrina Dowd (C10): University of North Carolina, assistant coach

Ann Elliott (C07): University of Colorado at Boulder, head coach

Christy Finch (C08): Ohio State University, assistant coach

Alex Frank (C12): Boston College, assistant coach

Caitlin Jackson (C09): Iona College, assistant coach

Brianne LoManto (WCAS12): University of Massachusetts, assistant coach

Colleen Magarity (SESP11): Colorado, assistant coach

Brooke Matthews (C11): Penn State University, assistant coach

Angela McMahon (C04): UMass, head coach

Lindsey Munday (C06): USC, head coach

Hannah Nielsen (SESP10): Colorado, assistant coach

Shannon Smith (WCAS12): Hofstra University, head coach

Danielle Spencer (SESP10): Northwestern, assistant coach