Our Finest Furry and Feathered Friends

Northwestern magazine has indeed gone to the dogs — and cats, not to mention a host of other beloved pets, some soft and cuddly, others scaly and feathery.

We received more than 200 photo submissions for our pet photo contest — from a labradoodle to a cock-a-doodle (well, actually a chicken, not a rooster), from a seal point mitted Ragdoll kitten to an African clawed frog, from a chinchilla to a dappled parakeet.

Northwestern alumni and staff are devoted to their pets. Many folks have rescued pooches, cats and even bunnies. And quite a few pets have joined the workforce, serving as therapy dogs and companions to children, seniors and the disabled.

So who won the pet photo contest? Peanut, a goldendoodle from Brooklyn who is blessed to have two Northwestern alumni parents.

Take a gander at our other finalists.

Slideshow produced by Kaitlyn Jakola (J13)