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From top, Crowe Hall, a four-story extension of Kresge Centennial Hall, is named for the late Mary Jane McMillen Crowe (WCAS33), a former Life Trustee.
Medill School of Journalism students enjoy the benefits of new classrooms in the McCormick Tribune Center.
Chris Oliveri, a second-year graduate student in chemistry, and Markus Wunder, a postdoctoral fellow in chemistry, work in chemistry professor Chad Mirkin's laboratory in the Center for Nanofabrication and Molecular Self-Assembly.
The Center for Nanofabrication and Molecular Self-Assembly, the first of two new facilities in the science center of campus.
Eight Northwestern faculty members have laboratories in the Center for Nanofabrication and Molecular Self-Assembly, which features research laboratories with instrumentation necessary to manipulate and move atoms.
From top, the Forum, a 150-seat auditorium in the McCormick Tribune Center, serves as home to classes and Medillís Crain Lecture Series.
The laboratories in the Pancoe-ENH building allow flexibility and accessibility. "You're not bounded by walls," said Michael Kennedy, associate chair of neurobiology and physiology. "Many of the scientifically interesting questions are best answered by involving research staff from several labs. Each lab brings something to the table - a technique, an idea. The building's design is meant to promote this type of scholarly interaction and collaboration."
The four-story Arthur and Gladys Pancoe-Evanston Northwestern Healthcare Life Sciences Pavilion is connected by second-floor walkways to the William A. and Gayle K. Cook Hall and the O.T. Hogan Biological Sciences Building.
With the addition of Crowe Hall came Crowe Café, a coffee shop with wireless Internet and views of the new Barbara (WCAS54) and Richard Franke Courtyard.

Scholars from diverse academic departments have found the newest knowledge occurs in interdisciplinary interaction. Now four new state-of-the-art buildings on the Evanston campus are bringing students, professors and practitioners together in intriguing new ways.

At the Arthur and Gladys Pancoe-Evanston Northwestern Healthcare Life Sciences Pavilion, which opened in fall 2003, researchers in cell and developmental biology, genomics and neuroscience work in close collaboration with clinical physicians from Evanston Northwestern Healthcare to accelerate the application of scientific discoveries from research bench to bedside.

Across the courtyard, a collection of chemists and engineers search for small answers to big problems in the new Center for Nanofabrication and Molecular Self-Assembly. The center, one of the first federally and privately funded nanotechnology facilities of its kind, opened in September 2002.

On the south side of campus an addition to Kresge Centennial Hall answered a pressing need for new office space for the humanities. Crowe Hall, a 2003 extension of the 50-year-old Kresge, features office space for 120 faculty from the Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences, conference rooms and a café. During summer 2003 Weinberg also upgraded Kresge, transforming former office space into classrooms and lounges, and allowing Weinberg to foster collaboration by bringing several distinct academic departments and programs under one roof.

The new McCormick Tribune Center, which opened in fall 2002, is home to a mix of Medill School of Journalism programs, including New Media and Integrated Marketing Communications. The center also boasts newsroom-modeled classrooms and the Garry K. Marshall (J56) Studio, one of the finest broadcast centers in the country.

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