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Rolando Cruz Righting Wrongful Convictions
Professors and students fight to free the innocent on death row.
by Laurie Aucoin

mary zimmerman Genius at Play
Playwright Mary Zimmerman bases her thought-provoking works on the classics.
by Kevin Johnson

Pros and Proteges Pros & Protégés
Alumni, staff and faculty serve as mentors to minority freshmen.
by Jon Marshall

Leigh Buchanan Bienen Courtroom Dramas
Leigh Buchanan Bienen chronicles the most compelling trials of the 20th century in her new book.
by Marylee MacDonald

60208 on Campus Northwestern 60208
Students create a University soap opera about campus life.
by Wendy Leopold

Golden Rule Days Golden Rule Days
Northwestern's continuing education programs offer an array of classes for all ages.
by Liza Berger

Inside the Chambers Inside the Chambers
Law school graduates launch their legal careers as Supreme Court clerks.
by Liza Berger

Elephant Purple Prose
Alum prefers pachyderm postulation to 'pack' pragmatism.
by Matt Baron

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