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JAN./FEB. 1999

p14.gif Global Dreamers
Top-notch scholarships take students and alumni around the world in their pursuit of knowledge.
by Olivia Wu

p22 Mole, Olé!
Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Victor Valle draws on his family's rich heritage in his book on five generations of Mexican cuisine.
by Juan R. Palomo

26.gif - 4.5 K Nurturing Nature
The biotechnology center's Alicia Löffler nudges her students into unexpected career options in a rapidly growing field.
by Kevin Johnson

 - 4.5 K High Hoops
Former basketball star Maureen Holohan raises girls' self-esteem with her sports book series.
by Liza Berger

32.gif - 4.5 K Analyzing Asia
Political scientists Jeffrey Winters and Meredith Woo-Cumings discuss the Asian financial crisis and assess its long-term impact.
by Richard Greb

prose Purple Prose
Alum confesses a deep, dark secret: She hates even the thought of sending in a class note.
by Monica Metzler

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