Jacinda Washington Njike: Globetrotter

After graduating from the School of Law, Jacinda Washington Njike ’04 JD worked as a corporate lawyer at Jones Day in Chicago and taught critical race theory at Northwestern. She later founded the Chicago Lake Shore Chamber of Commerce to support South Side businesses. In 2013 the Chicago native and her husband, Alain, founded Sun Dried, an African restaurant in Atlanta. Now Njike has turned her attention to writing, penning A World of Shapes (Tate Publishing, 2015), which takes children across the globe on a geometric adventure. Her next book, Joliemma, Princess of Cornopia, follows a fictional African princess who defeats slave traders. Njike and her family now live in Douala, Cameroon, where she is an international recruiter with the African American Academy. The former flight attendant says a common theme to her experiences is travel. “When you’re exposed to different things, you have a greater capacity to accept people who are different from you.”

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