Kathryn Hahn: One Busy Momma

Kathryn Hahn (C95) has two movies coming out — one this year, Our Idiot Brother, and one early next year, Wanderlust — and also stars opposite Hank Azaria in the new NBC comedy Free Agents this fall. Hahn lives in Los Angeles with her husband, actor-producer-writer Ethan Sandler (C95), and their two young children, Leonard and Mae. Hahn says that while work on all three projects coincides, the production is staggered. “It’s a little complicated with children, but they are young enough that they can travel with us,” she says. While Hahn initially didn’t want to do television because the schedule is difficult for her as a mom, she says this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. She also fell in love with the character, who is trying to get back into the dating scene after the death of her fiancé. But it’s not all work for the actor. In addition to family time, Hahn enjoys a book club with friends. “It’s great to have a deadline to read something that is not a manuscript,” she says.