Andy Dunn: By the Seat of His Pants

For his 10-year Northwestern reunion, Andy Dunn (WCAS00) knew all eyes would be on his outfit. The co-founder and CEO of Bonobos, one of the fastest-growing online men’s clothing retailers, designed the Evanston Suit, a deep purple ensemble, for the occasion. The company considered donating to the University a portion of the proceeds from sales of the suit to alumni. Unfortunately, demand was lower than expected, Dunn says. “I’ll stick with selling khakis and white oxfords for now,” he quips. It’s that signature khaki pant for the urban, athletic man — one that eliminates the dreaded “khaki diaper butt” — that has made Bonobos so successful since its launch in 2007. Dunn and his Stanford Graduate School of Business roommate tapped into an unrecognized market — well-fitting men’s pants available without the hassle of in-store shopping. The company grew from selling corduroy and twill pants out of his roommate’s trunk to an online operation out of Dunn’s New York City apartment to a business with more than 35 employees and a showroom today. (See "Risky Business.")