Tunnicliff's Take on His Game-winning Touchdown

"Frank [Aschenbrenner] was in motion, and the play was timed so that when the ball was snapped he'd obstruct the linebacker's view. Our right end hooked the outside linebacker, then Aschenbrenner blocked their left end for the only block of the line. The rest (of the Wildcats) went downfield. Perricone went left like he was getting the pitchout, and Burson's decoy threw three guys off the play.

"I'm running toward the sideline and then downfield, and I got a block from Ed Nemeth. Then I saw two guys ahead of me blocking my way. I don't know why, but I faked right and cut left, and left tackle Bill Forman and left guard Richie Anderson [EB51] showed up and blocked both guys, and I headed back toward the sideline. I knew Cal's Frank Brunk would hit me — he jumped on my back at the 7-yard line. My reaction was, 'I'm going to get to that goal line if I have to carry the whole stadium.' He weighed 195; I weighed 155. If I hadn't stumbled over Forman, cutting back, I might've gone in clean. I didn't do anything but run. It was a heckuva play by the coaching staff."— W.W.