Residence Hall Association

About RHA

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) is a student organization consisting of hall governments from 14 on-campus residence buildings and an overarching Executive Board. Representatives for RHA advocate for the welfare of their residents. RHA also organizes and supports programs fostering community among residence halls.

The RHA Executive Board acts as a liaison between the residents of Northwestern University and the Office of Residential Services, Residential Life, and other campus partners. The Board gathers feedback and votes on critical residential life issues with the individual hall governments during weekly General Assembly meetings.

Hall government elections for the next academic year take place during spring quarter of the previous year. Executive Board elections generally occur during the latter half of winter quarter.

Please visit the RHA Facebook page for more information about the organization.

Past RHA Accomplishments

RHA has been responsible for ushering in a number of benefits and services for students living in the residence halls/communities. These have included:

  • FREE Laundry Service
  • FREE Comcast “XFINITY on Campus” TV Service
  • FREE Winter Bicycle Storage Program (in partnership with the Residential College Board)
  • FREE South Campus Fitness Classes (in partnership with the Associated Student
  • Government)
  • Discounted Summer Storage Options (in partnership with University and Student Services (USS) ; visit the USS website for discounted prices)
  • Exclusive Formal on the 99th Floor of the Willis Tower for RHA Residents

RHA-Represented Buildings

  • 560 Lincoln 
  • 1835 Hinman
  • 1856 Orrington
  • Allison
  • Bobb-McCulloch
  • Elder
  • Foster-Walker (PLEX)
  • Green House
  • Goodrich
  • Kemper
  • Lindgren
  • Rogers House
  • Sargent

Current RHA Executive Members

Reilly Knoer, President.

Leon Prom, Vice President of Administration.

Helen Bao, Vice President of Finance.

Madina Jenks, Vice President of Public Relations.

Pat Kaluzynska, Vice President of Programming.

Cristabella Wolff, Vice President of National Communications.