Clerical Aide—McManus & Engelhart Desks

Job Duties

The Clerical Aide at McManus & Engelhart desks is a student work-study position intended to serve the residents of graduate housing. The Clerical Aide will:

  • Work 8-15 hours per week including evenings and weekends
  • Use the highest level of professionalism when addressing students, guests, or others who utilize the reception desks
  • Attend all scheduled trainings and meetings
  • Receive and log in packages as they are delivered
  • Log out packages as they are picked up
  • Answer general questions from residents and visitors
  • Check in and out equipment to residents
  • Meet regularly with the desk supervisor
  • Accurately record all hours worked by the assigned deadlines as directed by the Word-Study Program
  • Assist residents with lock-outs
  • Complete other duties as assigned


The Clerical Aide must be:

  • A Northwestern University undergraduate student
  • In good disciplinary standing with Northwestern University
  • Demonstrates strong understanding of customer service

Dates of Employment

The Clerical Aide will be hired for the given academic year. They must be able to work all scheduled shifts throughout the year, including finals week. Please note that clerks need to arrive on campus prior to Wildcat Welcome.


  • The Clerical Aide will be paid a starting wage of $10.00 per hour. Annual raises may be given based on performance. It is the clerk’s responsibility to monitor their Work-Study package to stay within the given allotment.
  • Students with or without work study eligibility are welcome to apply.


At this current moment we are not accepting applications.