Assignments Office Assistant (AOA)

Job Duties

The Assignments Office Assistant (AOA) is a student work-study position intended to serve the residents on campus. The OA will:

  • Work 8-15 hours per week
  • Assist with project management
  • Developing and maintaining files and databases
  • Assist Administrative Services staff with resident assignments and billing
  • Generate and update rosters
  • Process daily food reports
  • Meet regularly with the Administrative Services Staff
  • Accurately record all hours worked by the assigned deadlines as directed by the Word-Study Program
  • Complete other duties as assigned


The Assignments Office Assistant must be:

  • A Northwestern University undergraduate student
  • In good disciplinary standing with Northwestern University

Dates of Employment

The AOA will be hired for the given academic year. They must be able to work all scheduled shifts throughout the year, including finals week.


  • The AOA will be paid a starting wage of $9.00 per hour. Annual raises may be given based on performance. It is the AOA’s responsibility to monitor their Work-Study package to stay within the given allotment.
  • Students with or without work study eligibility are welcome to apply.


We currently not accepting application