Residential Colleges

CCS Residential College members on field day

Current and new residential college residents are encouraged to get involved by suggesting and helping with program planning, getting to know affiliated faculty/staff, and/or considering running for a student leadership position. Those interested should contact their residential college faculty master and/or student president for more information. 

Non-Resident Membership

Students who do not live in a residential college can still participate in the residential college program by becoming a dues-paying "non-resident" member. Non-resident members are members of the residential college who live in a different building on campus (a residence hall, another residential college) or off-campus (apartment, home).

Residential colleges inform non-resident members about upcoming college events with periodic e-mail messages. Besides taking advantage of college activities, non-resident members may be eligible for housing and residential membership for the subsequent year. Each residential college maintains a "point system" to reward participation in college activities, and a certain number of points is necessary to be eligible for housing. The non-resident member should review his/her residential college's constitution and point system and contact an executive board member during winter quarter if he/she is interested in living "in-house." Students must turn in their application to the Office of Residential Academic Initiatives and be accepted by the college before they can earn any points.

Students interested in non-resident membership should visit the Office of Residential Academic Initiatives at 2122 Sheridan, Room 120, Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

2018-2019 Non-Resident Application will be available the first day of classes.