Hall Governments

Residence Hall Association (RHA) and Residential College Board (RCB)

All residence hall governments are governed by the Residence Hall Association (RHA), advised by Residential Services. All residential college governments are governed by the Residential College Board (RCB), advised by the Office of Residential Academic Initiatives, which oversees the Residential College system. All residents are either members of RHA or RCB, depending on whether they live in a residence hall, residential college, or residential community. For their respective communities, RHA and RCB:

  • Provide a forum for building government officers to discuss campus issues
  • Liaise with Northwestern administration regarding building improvements
  • Facilitate communication between hall governments
  • Plan social programs
  • Collaborate with each other on matters of mutual interest

Hall Government

Each year residential students elect a team of hall government officers to provide leadership to and community development programs for the residents of each community. View our list of current officers. All officers are responsible for:

  • Providing inclusive social programs and community-building activities
  • Attending weekly meetings to discuss programs and happenings in the community
  • Getting to know residents in the community
  • Administering the social dues budget
  • Representing the community at either RHA or RCB meetings
  • Performing the duties listed in their constitution and in the hall government leadership manual
  • Working with the professional advisors through Residential Services and/or the Office of Residential Colleges
  • Maintaining good conduct standing throughout the year

Running for Hall Government

Each fall residents elect officers for their hall government in a number of residence halls including 1856 Orrington, 1835 Hinman, Bobb-McCulloch, Foster-Walker, Goodrich, Lindgren, Kemper, Mid-Quads (North and South), Rogers, and Sargent as well as two residential communities, Elder and Allison. This is a great opportunity to get involved and gain leadership experience while benefitting the residents of your buildings. Residential colleges and some residence halls conduct elections in the Winter Quarter for the following academic year.

In the fall, if you live in an area that already has an Executive Board elected, please contact your Residence Director or Resident Assistant to discuss other ways to get involved. Visit our election page for more information and an application to run for a position.