Hall Government Election Information

What is hall government?

Every residential area has a hall government consisting of community members who agree to serve a one-year term of office. Residential colleges and some halls (i.e., Interfaith, GREEN house, and Sigma Alpha Iota) hold their government elections in the Winter Quarter. All other halls elect their officers at the beginning of the Fall Quarter. Officers elected in the fall must agree to live in the residence hall for the entire year and serve in their positions until the end of the academic year. Designated Residential Services staff members serve as advisors to each hall government and work closely with officers to ensure that they comply with all University policies and procedures.

Hall government officers are responsible for wisely using hall government social dues to plan and implement a wide variety of social and community development programs throughout the academic year. The hall government officers also oversee the purchase of major amenities for the hall including pool tables, ping pong tables, microwaves, and televisions. The hall government president represents the community’s residents at Residence Hall Association meetings and helps RHA plan campus-wide events for students living in residence halls. If you have any questions about hall government in your building, please talk to your RA.

How to run for hall government

Hall government elections take place at the beginning of Fall Quarter. More information will be posted as we get closer to the date.