Dillo Day

students at dillo Day

students at Dillo Day

Dillo Day is one of Northwestern's most beloved campus traditions!

Each undergraduate student living in a residential building (res college, community or hall) on campus is allowed to register ONE guest.

  • A guest is anyone who does not live in your specific building.
  • A guest may or may not be staying overnight.
  • Your roommate(s) must give permission for your guest to stay overnight.
  • In order to enter any residence hall on campus, you must be a resident or the registered guest of a resident in that building. You MUST have the proper wristband to enter the building.

Before the event your Residence Director (RD) will send out an email with a link to the Dillo Day Guest Registration form for your residential area. If you fail to properly complete the form, it may impact the registration of your guest. You will need emergency contact information for your registered guest, so please collect this information PRIOR to filling out the guest registration form.


Wristband Pick Up

You will be able to pick up wristbands at your neighborhood desk. The resident and guest must both be present to pick up the guest wristband. Resident and guest wristband distribution will continue at the neighborhood desks. On Dillo Day you will be able to register or pick up wristbands at your neighborhood desk.

Your guest must be present and have a valid photo ID to pick up their wristband. Your guest will need the wristband in order to enter and move about the building, so pick it up as soon as you are able.

Please note that the resident and guest wristbands are different from the Dillo Day/MayFest wristbands needed for entrance to the festival location on the Lakefill. More information about Dillo Day and MayFest can be found at the Mayfest Dillo Day website.