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Mailbox, Package Center, and Mailing Addresses

Please refer to the charts below to determine:

All residents have a zip code of 60201.

Building Mailbox Address Package Center Mailbox Location
626 Emerson (Phi Mu Alph) 626 Emerson St Foster-Walker Foster-Walker
630 Emerson (Hobart)  630 Emerson St  Foster-Walker  Allison
636 Emerson 636 Emerson St Foster-Walker Foster-Walker
640 Emerson 640 Emerson St Foster-Walker Foster-Walker
710 Emerson 710 Emerson St Foster-Walker Willard
720 Emerson (Sigma Alpha Iota)  720 Emerson St  Foster-Walker Willard
1838 Chicago  1838 Chicago Ave  Foster-Walker  Allison
1856 Orrington  1856 Orrington   Foster-Walker Willard
1871 Orrington 1871 Orrington Foster-Walker Foster-Walker
2303 Sheridan (CCS & Green House)  2303 Sheridan Rd  Kemper Sargent
2307 Sheridan 2307 Sheridan Rd Kemper Schapiro
2313 Sheridan 2313 Sheridan Rd Kemper Schapiro
2347 Sheridan 2347 Sheridan Rd Kemper Schapiro
2349 Sheridan 2349 Sheridan Rd Kemper Schapiro
Allison  1820 Chicago Ave  Foster-Walker Allison
Ayers CCI 2324 Campus Dr  Kemper Ayers CCI
Bobb  2305 Sheridan Rd  Kemper Bobb-McCulloch
Chapin  726 University Pl  Foster-Walker Willard
East Fairchild (CRC)  1855 Sheridan Rd  Foster-Walker East Fairchild
Elder 2400 Sheridan Rd  Kemper Elder
Foster-Walker  1927 Orrington Ave  Foster-Walker Foster-Walker
Goodrich 2321 Sheridan Rd  Kemper
Jones 1820 Sheridan Rd Foster-Walker Jones
Kemper  2420 Campus Dr Kemper
Lindgren 2309 Sheridan Rd  Kemper  Sargent
McCulloch  2315 Sheridan Rd  Kemper  Bobb-McCulloch
NMQ (PARC)  650 Emerson St  Foster-Walker Willard
Rogers 647 University Pl  Foster-Walker Allison
Sargent   2245 Sheridan Rd Kemper  Sargent
Schapiro (formerly 560 Lincoln) 560 Lincoln St Kemper Schapiro
Shepard  626 University Pl  Foster-Walker
Slivka  2332 Campus Dr  Kemper
SMQ (Shepard Residential College)  655 University Pl  Foster-Walker Willard
West Fairchild (ISRC)  1861 Sheridan Rd Foster-Walker  West Fairchild
Willard 1865 Sherman Ave Foster-Walker Willard