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Mailbox, Package Center, and Mailing Addresses

Please refer to the charts below to determine:

All residents have a zip code of 60201.

Building Mailbox Address Package Center Mailbox Location
560 Lincoln 560 Lincoln St. Kemper 560 Lincoln
630 Emerson (Hobart)  630 Emerson St  Foster-Walker  Foster-Walker
720 Emerson (SAI)  720 Emerson St  Foster-Walker Willard
1838 Chicago  1838 Chicago Ave  Foster-Walker  Allison
1856 Orrington  1856 Orrington   Foster-Walker Willard
2303 Sheridan (CCS & Green House)  2303 Sheridan Rd  Kemper Sargent
2349 Sheridan 2349 Sheridan Rd Kemper 560 Lincoln
Allison  1820 Chicago Ave  Foster-Walker Allison
Ayers CCI 2324 Campus Dr  Kempers Ayers CCI
Bobb  2305 Sheridan Rd  Kemper Bobb-McCulloch
Chapin  726 University Pl  Foster-Walker Willard
East Fairchild (CRC)  1855 Sheridan Rd  Foster-Walker East Fairchild
Elder 2400 Sheridan Rd  Kemper Elder
Foster-Walker  1927 Orrington Ave  Foster-Walker Foster-Walker
Goodrich 2321 Sheridan Rd  Kemper
Jones 1820 Sheridan Rd Foster-Walker Jones
Kemper  2420 Campus Dr Kemper
Lindgren 2309 Sheridan Rd  Kemper  Sargent
McCulloch  2315 Sheridan Rd  Kemper  Bobb-McCulloch
NMQ (PARC)  650 Emerson St  Foster-Walker Willard
Rogers 647 University Pl  Foster-Walker Foster-Walker
Sargent   2245 Sheridan Rd Kemper  Sargent
Shepard  626 University Pl  Foster-Walker
Slivka  2332 Campus Dr  Kemper
SMQ (Shepard Residential College)  655 University Pl  Foster-Walker Willard
West Fairchild (ISRC)  1861 Sheridan Rd Foster-Walker  West Fairchild
Willard 1865 Sherman Ave. Foster-Walker Willard