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Fall Housing Selection

Thank you for choosing to live in on-campus housing at Northwestern University for the 2019-2020 academic year. At Northwestern we are proud to provide a variety of living options and experiences.  Please review the information below and then select the New Student (incoming freshman or transfer) or Returning Student (currently lives on campus) sections below to get started.

Housing Options

Residential Services offers several residential experiences including residence halls, residential communities, and residential colleges. Each community provides a unique opportunity for engagement and growth.

Residential Services is in the midst of a 10-year Housing campaign to add more housing facilities as well as renovate many others. 

Please select the link below to discover the various choices for on-campus living.

Explore your housing options!

Two Year Residency Requirement

Northwestern University has implemented a two year residency requirement for all incoming first and second year undergraduate students. This institution-wide initiative will support social and academic transitions. Please click here for more information about the residency requirement, including the Exceptions Request process. Transfer students are not required to meet the residency requirement.

Gender Open Housing

Gender Open Housing allows students, regardless of sex, gender, or gender identity, to share a room or suite. You will be able to select Gender-Open Housing as a preference in the housing contracting process. 

Rental Rates

Housing Room Rates

Cancellation Fees

First and second year residents may not cancel their housing contract due to the two year residency requirement.  Please click here for more information about the residency requirement.  Rising juniors and seniors may cancel their contract with written notice to Residential Services.  Please note the below cancellation fee schedule if you choose to cancel your contract.  For more information about canceling a housing contract, please visit our Housing Cancellation Policy webpage.

Cancellation Date  Fee
On or before Wednesday, May 1, 2019 $0
Thursday, May 2, 2019 – on or before Sunday, September 15, 2019 $300
Monday, September 16, 2019 – end of spring 2020 quarter $300 minus proration of housing rent charges


*Note: the cancellation fee may be waived for extenuating circumstances.

Accommodation Requests

Learning—and practicing—to live, work, and spend time with others is an essential component of the Northwestern University learning experience. There is no better place to do this than in our residence halls.

A variety of medical illnesses, disabilities and psychological conditions may necessitate an accommodation in the housing assignment process or a release from the housing contract or meal plan. A few examples of disability-related considerations in residence halls or rooms are the following:

  • An air-conditioned residence hall
  • A residence hall with an elevator
  • A residence hall with an accessible washroom
  • A single room

Every effort is made to accommodate students’ needs within our housing system and food service plan using the alternatives available. Keep in mind that the University meal plan contract does not permit releases based on religious dictates, personal food choice or preferences (e.g., vegetarianism), or other non-medically-based, dietary requirements.

Students wishing to request accommodations for both housing and food service may do so through the contracting process. You may also submit your request via the link below. Decisions on accommodations are made in early June.

Housing Accommodation Requests will be accepted beginning April 1, 2019.

Meal Plans

Students living in undergraduate residence halls are required to have a meal plan as a condition of the housing contract. All incoming first-year students will be assigned the Open Access Meal plan. For more information about meal plans and dining on campus, please visit our dining website.

Get Started!

To get started with room selection, access the Housing Portal.

*Note: if you are choosing a roommate please use the above link to access your contract to input a roommate passcode.


Please contact Residential Services for any questions related to the 2019 Housing Selection Process:

New Student Housing Selection

First Year and Transfer Student Housing Selection

Residential Services is excited to welcome you to the first step in choosing your home for the 2019-2020 academic year on campus.  At Northwestern we have a wide variety of housing options.  To participate in the New Student Housing Selection process, first complete 2019-2020 Residential Services Contract. 

Residential Services will assign you a building and room based on the preferences you shared.  While every effort is made to fulfill your preferences, assignments to specific buildings, rooms, or roommates cannot be guaranteed.  Please see below for more information related to roommate selection.

Important Dates

Important Date  Process
April 1 – June 1, 2019 Contract open to new students
July 2019 Room assignments processed
Early August 2019 Assignment notification sent via email

Residence Hall Housing Options

We have 9 traditional residence halls on campus, ranging from residences with as few as 25 students to larger residences with more than 400. Each building has its own character, spirit, and unique advantages. The residence halls are a great place to live and meet people from all over the world. Resident Assistants and student leaders from Residence Hall Association (RHA) frequently plan programs to help you meet people and be academically successful.

Residence Halls features:

  • Resident Assistants
  • Residence Directors
  • Residence Hall Association (RHA) leaders
  • Programming
  • Academic support

Explore our residence halls on the Undergraduate Residence Halls page.

Residential Community Housing Options

We have four residential communities on campus, located at Allison Hall, Elder Hall, Shepard Hall/1838 Chicago, and Bobb/McCulloch Halls, and Goodrich House. These communities focus on student engagement, student-driven programming, and live-in faculty involvement while providing students with a comfortable place to live, learn, and grow. Our Faculty-in-Residence Program is one main difference between residential colleges and residential communities. These faculty members live in our halls and interact with students outside of the classroom in meaningful and enriching ways. They offer guidance, help students access resources, and build community by hosting gatherings that promote learning, interaction, and participation within their community.

Residential Communities features:

  • Resident Assistants
  • Residence Directors
  • Faculty-in-residence
  • Credit-bearing seminars on-site
  • Programming
  • Academic support

Explore our residential communities on the Undergraduate Residential Communities page.

Residential College Housing Options

Northwestern has 10 residential colleges on campus, ranging from 40 to nearly 300 students. Some have a single unifying theme such as international studies while others are multi-thematic. Each college is headed by a faculty member who serves as the Faculty Chair. Chairs and student officers recruit faculty members for the fellows program, which supports faculty presence through meals in the college, presentations known as “firesides,” and outings around campus and Chicago. In addition, fellows routinely lead small credit-bearing seminars reserved for college members and mentor residents as research assistants through a specially funded program.

Residential Colleges features:

  • Resident Assistants
  • Residence Directors
  • Residential College Board (RCB) leaders
  • Faculty Chairs
  • Credit-bearing seminars on-site
  • Programming
  • Academic support
  • Theme-based buildings
  • Reserved dining hall spaces for faculty engagement

Explore our residential colleges on the Residential Colleges page.

Roommate Selection

You have two options for completing the roommate section of the housing contract:

If you already have a roommate in mind:
  1. You will need their name and NetID.
  2. You will select roommates in your group for your room assignment.
  3. You will use this to request roommates or respond to a pending roommate request.
  4. Roommate group’s work like a 'friend request', preferred roommate (s) must accept the request.
  5. Invitations/updates will be sent to everyone listed after you make changes and submit this form.
  6. Please note, you may only be in one group at a time.
  7. After you submit your contract, you can always make changes to your roommate groups by going to the update preferences option.
If you do not have a specific roommate in mind:
  • Residential Services will randomly match you with a roommate based on the building and roommate preference information you provide on the housing contract.

Returning Student Housing Selection

Returning residential undergraduate students are able to reserve a space in housing for the 2019-2020 academic year during the Winter and Spring 2019 quarters. In order to reserve a space, all students must complete the Contract Terms and Conditions between March 1 – 15, 2019. General Room Selection and Residential College placement will follow in April. Please see below for those details.

A detailed room selection guide for current students can be downloaded here

Important Dates

Important Date  Process
March 1, 2019 – March 15, 2019 Contract available for returning (current) students
April 16 – 25, 2019 Room selection for returning (current) residents
• Tuesday,  April 16 Junior and Senior Day
• Wednesday,  April 17 560 Lincoln and Kemper Hall (single suites)
• Thursday,  April 18 Foster-Walker Complex (PLEX)
• Tuesday,  April 23 Gender-Open Housing
• Wednesday,  April 24 Singles, Doubles & Triples Available (must fill a unit)
• Thursday,  April 25 Singles, Doubles &Triples Available (do not have to fill a unit)
April 30, 2019 Returning (current) resident room assignments finalized and sent via email.


560 Lincoln

Single Suites are comprised of 4 single bedrooms sharing one common bathroom. To select these suites you must have a group of 4 students.


Single Suites are comprised of 6 single bedrooms sharing two common bathrooms. During room selection you can choose 1/2 the suite (three single bedrooms which share one bathroom) you must have a group of 3 students.

Foster-Walker Complex (PLEX)

Single rooms can be chosen individually or with a group of 4 students.

Two Year Residency Requirement

All rising sophomores are required to live on campus.  Rising sophomores who intend to live in a greek house as part of the residency requirement are still required to complete a housing contract.  After your greek house assignment has been verified before the Fall 2019 quarter, your housing contract will be noted as living in greek housing.

Cancellation Fees

Rising sophomores may not cancel their housing contract. Please review the residency requirement webpage for more information. Rising juniors and seniors may request to cancel your contract at any time. Depending upon when you request to cancel your contract, you may be held to part or all of the contracted rates. Request for contract cancellation does not guarantee the request will be granted.  The cancellation schedule is below:

Cancellation Date  Fee
On or before Wednesday, May 1, 2019 $0
Thursday, May 2, 2019 – on or before Friday, September 20, 2019 $300
Saturday, September 21, 2019 – end of spring 2020 quarter $300 minus proration of housing rent charges


*Note: the cancellation fee may be waived for extenuating circumstances.

View the Undergraduate Housing Cancellation page.

Get Started!

To get started with room selection, access the Housing Portal.