Loft Rental & Bunking Requests

Loft Rental Request Deadlines 

For Fall Move-In: 
  • Requests received on or before August 31 are typically fulfilled prior to Move-In Day (does not necessarily apply for Early Arrivals).
  • Requests received on or after September 1 will be fulfilled on a rolling basis in the order in which they were received.

Bed Bunking Request Deadlines

All Bed Bunking Requests will be handled beginning on Move-In Day in order to ensure that roommates are in agreement. On Move-In Day, and thereafter, both roommates will need to submit a Bed Bunking Request in order for their beds to be bunked. The Bunking Request form will be available beginning on Sunday, September 15, 2019.

Standard Bed Heights

In order to ensure that all beds are set at a safe and comfortable height, the following standard heights are available. We cannot accommodate requests to set beds at a different height.
  • Unlofted Bed Height: Approximately 30 inches from floor to top of mattress (this is the default height)
    • Most beds can be adjusted without the use of tools, even in buildings where lofting is not available. Students may adjust the height of their own bed as desired after moving in.
  • Lofted Bed Height: Approximately 65 inches from floor to top of mattress


Lofting is available in the following buildings; availability may be limited by quantity and room configuration.
  • 630 Emerson (Hobart House)
  • Allison Hall
  • Ayers Hall
  • Bobb-McCulloch Hall
  • Elder Hall
  • Shepard Hall

Bunking is available in most undergraduate residence halls; however, it may be limited by room and furniture configuration and requests will be reviewed on an individual basis. Bunking requires two beds and therefore not available in single rooms.


Fees will be applied to your Student Account and must be paid by the deadline indicated by the Office of Student Finance.

  • A fee of $100.00 applies to each Loft Rental.
    • This one-time fee for each loft rental that covers your current contract in your current room, includes lofting equipment and set-up. Once a loft is installed, this fee is non-refundable; even if you later decide to have the loft removed. 
  • A fee of $50.00 per bed/roommate applies to each Bed Bunking Request.
    • This fee that covers your current contract in your current room includes equipment and set up. Once bunking is completed, this fee is non-refundable; even if you later decide to have the beds ‘unbunked’.

Request Form


Beds are a part of the university furniture included in your residence hall room. In accordance with Residential Services policies and procedures, no furnishings - including university beds - may be permanently altered or removed from the room to which they are allocated. Additionally, in the interest of safety, beds may not be stacked on top of other furniture, cinder blocks, or the like, and non-university lofts are prohibited. If you choose to adjust the height of your own bed, you do so at your own risk.