Mid Quad Renovations

photo of Mid-quad lounge room

photo of midquad bathroom

photo of mid quad living rooom/lounge

photo of lounge

photo of laundry room

During the summer of 2015, the North Mid-Quads and South Mid-Quads underwent renovations as part of the Housing Master Plan. The buildings opened for the Fall 2015 quarter. An outline of the renovations for both buildings is below:

  • 1st floor:
    • Demolished all spaces to create open community spaces on a single level (eliminating the lowered floor area and ramp) with new laundry, pantry, entry areas.
    • Created new accessible 2-bedroom, 1-bath suite.
    • Moved building entry closer to facade (while still retaining covered entry).
  • 2nd-4th floors: Replaced finishes and fixtures in all bedrooms and corridors.
  • 1st-3rd floors: Installed new valence system chilled-water fin-tube cooling (building chilled water service installation date later TBD).
  • 4th floor: Installed new fan coil forced air cooling system (building chilled water service installation date later TBD).
  • All floors: Reconfigured showers and installed new fixtures and finishes.
  • All mechanical spaces replaced deficient equipment.