Housing Master Plan


The Housing Master Plan is part of an initiative led by the Division of Student Affairs to improve the student experience. The Housing Master Plan specifically focuses on improving the student residential experience through a combination of renovation and new construction projects that will reposition housing offerings to meet student market demand and increase on-campus undergraduate capacity.

As part of the plan, five new residence halls will be constructed:

  1. One located on the north side of campus (560 Lincoln St.)
  2. One to replace Bobb Hall
  3. One to replace McCulloch Hall
  4. One to replace Sargent Hall
  5. One to replace 1835 Hinman

The plan also includes full renovations for the following residence halls:

The following buildings are slated to be taken down:

  • Bobb
  • McCulloch
  • Sargent Hall

The Housing Master Plan started in Fall 2013 and is expected to be completed in Fall 2025.

Project Timeline (subject to change)

Year Offline Under Construction (new) Under Renovation (offline) Opening Capacity
2013 Peanut Row 3,993
2014 4,042
2015 North Mid Quads/South Mid Quads (Summer '15) 3,854
2016 560 Lincoln (New Residence Hall) Goodrich1838 ChicagoShepard Hall North Mid Quads/South Mid Quads (Fall '15) 3,673
2017 560 Lincoln (New Residence Hall) Willard Goodrich1838 ChicagoShepard Hall 3,660
2018 1835 Hinman 1830 Sheridan Jones 560 Lincoln (New Residence Hall), Willard (Open January 2018) 3,966
2019 1830 Sheridan Jones 4,027
2020 1830 Sheridan Jones 4,027
2021 1830 Sheridan Jones 4,027
2022 Foster-Walker 1830 Sheridan, Jones 3,993
2023 Bobb-McCulloch Bobb-McCulloch Replacement Foster-Walker 3,911
2024 Bobb-McCulloch Replacement 3,911
2025 Sargent, East Fairchild, West Fairchild* Bobb-McCulloch Replacement 3,837
*Potential offramp related to occupancy needs.

Current Projects

Implementation of the Housing Master Plan has been paused for this academic year.

Completed Projects


View the Housing Master Plan FAQs page for answers to some common questions about the Housing Master Plan.