Housing Master Plan FAQs

Are there any plans to increase the number of residential buildings?

Yes! The Housing Master Plan includes the construction of five new buildings and the renovation of 12 existing residence halls. Upon completion of the Housing Master Plan, residence hall bed capacity will be increased to 4,511– up from the starting capacity of 3,993.

How will the proposal of new construction and renovation impact housing rates?

It is anticipated that rental rates will increase around 3.5% annually for the duration of the projects.

How will Northwestern University pay for the project?

Projects will be financed through internal NU loans. Repayment of the debt will come from the Residential Services operating budget.

What is the primary goal of the housing master plan?

The primary goal of the Housing Master Plan is to improve the student residential experience through a combination of renovation and new construction projects that will reposition housing offerings to meet student market demand and increase on-campus undergraduate capacity.

Will there be an increase in the number of suite options available to students?

Yes, new construction will include suite style housing options.

How long will it take for Residential Services to complete the Housing Master Plan?

The Housing Master Plan is set for completion by the start of the 2025-2026 academic year. The first new residential building is slated to open Fall 2017.

What changes can students expect at the conclusion of the project?

Over the course of the next 10 years, students can expect to see the construction of five new residence halls and the renovation of several existing residential buildings.

How will Residential Services manage the closing of residence halls during project construction?

Throughout the development of housing master plan the occupancy for on-campus housing will fluctuate as existing residential buildings close for renovations or demolition and new buildings are opened. Students in buildings impacted by the Housing Master Plan will be informed prior to any work being performed.

What technology will be integrated into the new and renovated residence halls?

Residential Services has recently completed an upgrade to the wireless system within student housing. Any future renovations or new construction will adopt the campus standard for wireless technology.

Will the new construction have an impact on the residency requirement for first and second year students?

As part of the two-year live on requirement, Residential Services is continuing to renovate existing buildings as well as construct new residence halls. Students living on campus will be able to take advantage of newly renovated or newly constructed spaces.

What services and/or amenities will be provided in the new buildings?

Renovated buildings and new construction will have an emphasis on creating more public spaces within the building. You can expect to see larger lounges and lobbies and a deliberate attempt to integrate academic and social spaces into the buildings.

Are green spaces going to be incorporated into the new construction plan?

Yes! We have a commitment to finding and preserving green spaces on the campus. For example, the new 560 Lincoln project has dedicated green space as a part of the design.

Will parking areas eliminated in building new construction be replaced? Will parking be added?

We do not anticipate disrupting any current parking spaces. There are no additional parking spaces considered in the Housing Master Plan.