1838 Chicago

Exterior view sunny day

interior lounge space

interior double bedroom

interior single bedroom

Formerly home to the Public Affairs Residential College, 1838 Chicago will be open to all undergraduate residence. The building is a stone's throw from the Arch, and the Intercampus shuttle sits right outside the dorm's front door. In addition to new community spaces on the first floor, the renovated facility will include a recreation and performance room to provide students with a workout spot that's closer than Henry Crown Sports Pavillion or Blom. 1838 Chicago will also have suite options.


  • 120 residents

Available to:

  • All undergraduate students


  • Open community spaces on the first level
  • Open Kitchen and Pantry Space
  • Study and lounge areas
  • Recreation room on the lower level
  • Multi-use performance room
  • Central air conditioning 

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