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Mission and Commitment Statements

Residential Services at Northwestern is committed to providing an environment that fosters the academic and personal success of every student.

Thank you to Professor Ed Zajac (Kellogg School of Management) for sharing his concept of commitment statements.

Our Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

Residential Services develops community engagement and promotes student success.

Our Vision

Engage and educate: Creating communities of learners, leaders, and responsible citizens.

Our Commitment Statements

  • Students: We will encourage students to explore personal, social, and academic development through both intentional and spontaneous learning opportunities in residential settings.
  • Parents and Families: We will strive to provide a supportive and engaging environment for students living on campus.
  • Faculty: We will partner with and create opportunities for faculty to engage with students outside of formal academic settings.
  • Campus Partners: We will foster interactions among students and campus partners to promote and encourage the use of Northwestern programs and services.
  • Alumni: We will create opportunities for alumni to maintain connections to roommates and neighbors from their former campus residences.
  • University Leadership: We will shape a residential model informed by Northwestern traditions and strategic priorities, as well as professional standards and scholarship.
  • Residential Services Staff: We will work to create a supportive and structured environment where our staff will expand their portfolios, hone leadership skills, and clarify professional values.
  • External Partners: We will engage in agreements with external partners with integrity and transparency.
  • Housing Profession: We will be an exemplar in the housing profession by drawing on the expertise of researchers and practitioners to inform our work while sharing our own best practices and data.

Our Learning Outcomes

Students who engage in programs and activities provided by Residential Services will:

  • Demonstrate self-awareness and empathy in their relationships with other students that will contribute to a positive sense of community within their residential neighborhood
  • Demonstrate personal responsibility in their decision making and be accountable for the impact on those decisions on themselves and others
  • Examine personal needs, interests, abilities, and growth areas, & identify and use this knowledge to inform their personal and professional goal