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Santino Palazzolo

Resident Director | South Area

Resident Director | South Area

Santino is currently out of the office. For assistance in the South Area, please contact Resident Director Kristen Beck at or (847) 467-2931. 


  • 1838 Chicago
  • East Fairchild
  • Jones
  • West Fairchild

Santino Palazzolo (he/him/his) joined the Residential Experience team in January 2022 and currently serves as a Resident Director for the South Area. Born and raised in Metro Detroit, Michigan, he received his Bachelors in Broadcast and Cinematic Arts and Journalism from Central Michigan University and Masters in Higher Education Administration from Argosy University. Santino's diverse career explored various industries across the country including higher education at Cornell University, entertainment and media with MTV and Billboard Magazine, hospitality with Hilton Hotels, mental health as a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, and youth advocacy with Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth.

Conscious of self and others, Santino's passion and purpose is rooted in progressive service and mentorship to others. As a servant leader with an abundance of empathy, his experiences guided his open-minded perspective and cultivated his confidence that drives his intentions to productively contribute towards the needs of the communities he serves. At Northwestern, Santino aspires to incorporate his acquired transferable skills; integrate his genuine efforts to support equitable human rights for all; create meaningful connections; ensure the well-being and comfort of others; and maintain an inclusive, safe, and engaged community as an active role model by initiating relevant, inspirational opportunities that transcend students' potential throughout their collegiate journey.

Santino has adopted the vegan diet for over three years, incorporates a disciplined fitness schedule, enjoys global travel, embraces artistic and creative expression, values reading and laughter, and is fulfilled by documenting the human experience.