Civic CTA Fare Initiative

With the support of Northwestern’s Associated Student Government, this quarter CCE is hosting a new Civic CTA Fare Initiative, designed to make Chicago more accessible to all Northwestern students, regardless of financial background. Each week students can request round trip CTA fare to participate in civic activities such as service projects, neighborhood exploration, museum and civic institution visits and civically-oriented speakers/events. Fill out the form below to request transit assistance.

The Center for Civic Engagement (CCE) is working with Northwestern’s Associated Student Government (ASG) to make Chicago more accessible for undergraduate students regardless of financial background. Throughout spring quarter, the Center is providing access to free CTA passes to enable students of all backgrounds to more easily access Chicago for civic activities (e.g. service, volunteerism, civic events, speakers, etc.).

This initiative will provide students with FREE round-trip CTA passes for civic-related experiences around the city. Once approved, students will be able to pick up free passes to use on Chicago's el and bus system during spring quarter. 

Fill out the application below to request transit passes for a specific civic activity you plan to attend. Your passes will be available after 24 hours, on the next BUSINESS day (M-F), from when you submit the form (e.g. a request submitted by noon on Friday will be ready by noon on Monday).

• Students may submit no more than one request for one round-trip fare (two single ride passes) each week. If approved, the passes can be picked up and used anytime during Spring Quarter. 
• Approved passes will be available for pick-up at the Center for Civic Engagement (1813 Hinman Ave.) during business hours 9am-5pm Monday-Friday during the academic year.
• This form will accept requests each week, starting every Monday morning, throughout Spring Quarter, until available passes for that week run out. Students may submit a request no more than once each week (for a max. of 10 times per student during Spring Quarter).

Submit a Request for Civic CTA Passes