Housing: Off-Campus and On-Campus

Read on for more information on housing in Evanston/Chicago and on Northwestern's Evanston campus!

Watch our webinar with Off Campus Life (June 2018)!

Off-Campus Housing

Off-campus housing can take many forms. You could sublet a room or an apartment from someone who is away for a short period of time. Or you might try to rent a room from someone who has extra space or a family with an empty room in their home. You can also sign a lease with a realty company, or an individual landlord.

The  NU Off-Campus Life office is your first point of contact when moving to the Evanston and/or Chicago metro area. The website helps students and families find housing, sign a lease, understand tenant/landlord rights and responsibilities, and provides resources available for Northwestern's off-campus community.  Learn more:

Questions?  Email Off-Campus Life staff and follow NU Off-Campus Life on Facebook

Required documents

When you apply for housing, be prepared to present the following items to the rental agency or landlord.

  • Current visa stamp
  • Funding offer letter
  • Passport
  • Credit card for deposit payment

Issues to consider

  • Costs: Can the rent go up? What, if any, utilities are included in the rent? If utilities are not included, how much more than rent can you expect to pay monthly? Is there a security deposit? How long is the lease? Are furnishings provided?
  • Location: How safe is the neighborhood? Is public transportation available? How close is the housing to campus and other services?
  • If subletting: Will rent be paid monthly and to whom (the person subletting or the company/landlord with whom the lease has been signed)? Is smoking permitted?
  • If you have roommates: How will you split costs and chores? Who is responsible for initiating billing for which utilities? When is it okay to host guests? Is smoking permitted?
  • If you have children: Where will they go to school?

Sites for finding rentals and sublets

On-campus student housing

Undergraduate options range from small houses of 50 or fewer residents to large residence halls with 400 or more students. There is also gender-specific housing, co-ed housing and Residential Collages that combine your academic and extracurricular activities. In most cases, on-campus housing at Northwestern means that you will be sharing a room with another student, as well as sharing a common bathroom, living area and kitchen with all the students on your floor or wing.

Graduate options include Englehart Hall, McManus and Seabury on the Evanston campus. On the Chicago campus, there are limited opportunities in Abbott Hall, with priority given to students living with spouses and/or dependents.

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